Roku Troubleshooting: No display on Roku TV Screen at account

Usually, users face issues in account activation and Roku setup. However, users also have some troubleshooting issues like no display on Roku TV screen. If Roku has this problem then the solution should be there. Although this is not a big issue, the problem should be resolved. So, here we are providing you an optimal solution that will help you to solve your issues.

Solution of Roku troubleshooting issues:

We have two solutions for this problem. The first one is Roku hard reset and the second one is Roku soft reset. So, now you have to read below in order to solve your issues.
For all troubleshooting conditions, Roku soft reset method will be the best. If this method is not helpful for you then try hard reset method. So, now follow the provided steps that are mentioned below.

Roku Soft reset method:

Roku soft reset method will help you to reset Roku player without any data loss. There are multiple options that you have to perform Roku soft reset. Moreover, you can use any medium to reset. Read below for further information.

Ø Roku remote control:

Roku streaming player comes with a featured remote control. So, you can use this remote control to reset Roku as well. Here we have some steps.

·        First of all, press home button for 5 times
·        Next, press Up button for 1 time
·        Then press Rewind button for 2 times
·        Afterward, you have to press Fast Forward button for 2 times
      You can try this method for all Roku models.

Ø Menus:

This option is only for Roku 4. So, kindly try this on Roku 4 only. Steps are mentioned below.
·        Firstly, select Home option
·        Here you can find “settings” option. Just select it
·        Now Find “System” option and click on that
·        Then you have to choose “Power” option
·        At last, click on “System Restart”

Ø By using Buttons:

This method will be applying only the old Roku models. So, keep this thing in your mind. Follow the steps.
·        Firstly, you have to find “Reset button” from the back of Roku player
·        Now Press that button and release after few seconds by using paper clip

Ø Power Pull option:

In case, none of above options are not able to solve then try this method. So, you have to remove power cable for few minutes and again try to connect it.

Hard Reset Option:

The second method is Roku hard reset for troubleshooting issues. Here you can use any source to reset. So, now start it.

Ø Using Menu:

Sometimes, the soft reset method not able to fix troubleshooting issues. So, hard reset only the option at that situation. Read the steps to perform. Firstly you have to follow this navigation in order to solve issues.

·        Select “Settings” options first
·        Then choose “System”
·        Now click on “Advance system settings”
·        At last click on “Factory reset”
      Besides this, you can use the second navigation;
·        Firstly, choose “Settings”
·        Then “Factory reset”
·        Again “Factory reset”
·        Afterward, click on “Yes”

Ø By using Buttons:

Make sure, this method is only for the old Roku models.

·        You have to remove all cable connections
·        Now press and then hold the reset button
·        You can use power clip for that
·        Now remove power cord
·        At last, release the reset button and make all cable connections again

So, now you have to perform Roku setup process again. Try to setup Roku streaming player in order to use. If you have any issues then visit us at our website for support.. Call us at our toll-free number +1-855-531-3727 for Roku activation, support.


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